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At the beginning of this year Surrey County Council confirmed that there would be changes to all Children’s Centres in Surrey.  From September 2019 Mole Valley will have one Centre serving the whole of the District. This new centre will be called ‘Mole Valley Family Centre’ and will be based at the Goodwyns Road site in Dorking. 

The Family Centre team will continue to support families through an outreach service in to homes and will visit families who are referred from across the whole of Mole Valley. The Family Centre will not be able to offer universal 'Stay and Play' sessions in the way the 2 Children’s Centres have previously done, but staff will be able to signpost families to other sessions run in the community.

The Mole Valley Family Centre will continue to work closely with health partners and will be able to offer targeted groups for families who are experiencing issues such as post-natal depression, domestic violence, mental health and children with additional needs.

All staff will be based at the Goodwyns Road site and families will still be able to access advice and information along with vitamins, foodbank vouchers, counselling services and support from the outreach team.

In order to move to this new model of service we will be closing our universal sessions during this coming term.

1. Thursday Under 3s Stay and Play at West Street. The final session will be on June 13th.
2. Thursday Kickers and Crawlers at Goodwyns Road will merge with the health clinic from June 20th. A baby area, feeding support and post-natal advice and information will still be available from 1 to 3pm but there will not be a full Kickers and Crawlers session.
3. Friday Under 3s at West Street. The final session will be on Friday 12th July.
4. Stay and Play groups at Goodwyns Road. Final sessions on Monday 22nd July and Tuesday 23rd July.

For further updates and information about what is on, visit our website https://www.dorkingnurserychildrenscentre.org.uk/childrens-centre or follow us on Facebook @dorkingnurseryschoolandchildrenscentre.

We will let you know about the new Family Centre timetable as soon as we can.