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Feedback: Family Centre

I am writing to say thank you for the invaluable service and support that the children's centre in Dorking have offered me and my baby son ... at times of need, I often found the staff from the children's centres incredibly helpful and generous with their time and energy... Maria in particular has been one of the most precious sources of emotional and practical support this year ... she noticed that I was struggling and came to ask me how I was doing, always ready to give me a kind word or any advice on practical issues I might be struggling with ... but I always received so much, which then helped me have more energy to continue being a good mother. Thank you so much for what you offer and thank you for having amazing staff like Maria and Emilia running the groups.

“Thank you El . Your ‘Understanding Sensory Behaviour’ Workshop gave me an understanding of my child’s needs and what she is experiencing. It suggested strategies to help her, in time, to manage her own sensory needs.”

Staff are like a second family.

My children have thrived coming to Goodwyns Road three times a week.

I am very impressed with the Stay and Play sessions. My son loves them.

It’s already brilliant so not sure I suggest anything.

I think the facilities are excellent and feel the environment is very supportive.

Great group, friendly staff, great variety of toys and the garden is huge, my little one loved it.

Great place, amazing staff. Great place for kids to learn and develop.

I use Dorking Rural Centre (Goodwyns Road) and I think it is fantastic. Staff are super supportive and facilities are superb.

I really enjoyed the post natal course at rural (Goodwyns Road), it was really informative and very useful. The weaning session led by the health visitor was very helpful too. Finally, I feel that my child and I have both benefited enormously from the kickers and crawlers group in West Street, it's a really lovely, welcoming and supportive environment, especially for new mums. The staff are great!

West Street Children's centre is a superb centre, equipped with wonderful staff who are caring and experienced.

The Centre is a brilliant resource for the community. The staff are approachable and knowledgeable. The activities are wide ranging and allow each child to find something that appeals to them. We love it!

The Centre is an invaluable resource for local parents. Attending Kickers and Crawlers has been the highlight of our week since my daughter was 7 weeks old and we will greatly miss it when we have to move on. A fantastic learning and socialising opportunity for children and mothers!

I have loved taking my 15 months old to the baby group and under 3's group every week. Every member of staff has shown great competence, humanity and kindness and have made my daughter's and my own time there very precious and memorable.

A truly wonderful place to take my granddaughter on Monday mornings.

We have mainly attended the centre for kickers and crawlers. Staff are great at providing new and exciting sensory experiences for the babies to enjoy and my daughter absolutely adore them!

A friendly, well run centre. The staff are excellent. Thank you for all your support.

We have always loved attending both Goodwyns Road & West Street sites - the staff are fantastic: enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly, and the facilities are beautiful. Thank you so much. xx

I learned a lot from the under 3s drop in with my first child. I watched the way the staff talked to the children and encouraged them and dealt with any sharing issues or conflicts with other children. This helped me to stop getting so frustrated when I was finding things difficult and to understand how a toddler operates. At home if I was finding a situation difficult I would imagine how the staff would deal with it and this helped me to be react in a calm and constructive way. I feel this helped guide my parenting and had a positive impact on my relationship with both my children.