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Behaviour and Well-Being in Early Years

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 9:30am to 3:30pm

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Early Years Practitioners
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About this event

Well-Being has been raised in our thinking recently through a variety of research, press and government publications. Feelings and emotions are an integral part of human lives, perhaps we are not paying enough attention to what they tell us?  This engaging course will provide an opportunity to challenge our thinking and reflect on the implications of the current focus on ‘well-being’ for our early years practice.  In EYFS, the early development of self-awareness, resilience and self-regulation inevitably impact on behaviour, learning, and therefore well-being. This course will explore the relationship between these aspects of human development and ways in which we can best support our youngest children.

Delegates will:

• Explore the concept of ‘core capabilities for life’ as it relates to EYFS;
• Recognise the importance of having developmentally realistic expectations of our children;
• Consider and challenge current knowledge of typical early child development;
• Collaborate to explore problem solving approaches related to our youngest children’s well-being and behaviour.


Trainer(s): Dr Kay Mathieson

Dr Kay Mathieson has worked in Early Years and primary settings since 1981. This has included supporting children with additional needs, especially behaviour, and their families. She led the Early Years Inclusion Team in a London Borough for 6 years, which involved supporting private, voluntary and independent settings to develop more inclusive practice.  Her PhD research at Sussex University was the development of social competence in young children. Kay worked with the National Strategies as an Early Years Regional Adviser until 2011 when she became a Director of Linden Learning, an ethical educational training and consultancy business. Her particular interest is in exploring what life is like in our early years settings for two year olds and the way in which children with additional needs and their families are included effectively.  Kay works nationally with local authorities, academies, childminder groups and pvi/maintained settings across the sector to improve the quality of provision and understanding of each child’s experience.