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Dorking Nursery School and Family Centre

Dorking Nursery School is located in West Street and the Mole Valley Family Centre is on Goodwyns Road.

Dorking Nursery School (Local Authority maintained) has an excellent reputation for providing high quality education and care for a total of 70 children and has specialist provision (special needs support centre and pre-school speech language and communication centre) for 18 children. The 2-3s nursery (non-maintained) has adopted the same principles and ethos, catering for a maximum of 24 children in any session. These are both based on the West Street site.

The Family Centre opened in September 2019, replacing the Dorking and Leatherhead Children's Centres.  The Family Centre offers targetted support to families acrorss Mole Valley. 


Find out more about our governing body and the roles and responsibilities of the team.

Fundraising - Friends of Dorking Nursery (FOND)

FOND is a registered charity whose aim is to raise funds to support Dorking Nursery School and Children's Centre.

Early Years Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum is broken down into 7 key areas, these are what the children learn. There are also Characteristics of Effective Learning (CEL) which looks at how they learn.


Please take a look at our policies.

Job Vacancies

Job vacancies at Dorking Nursery School and Mole Valley Family Centre will be advertised here.

British Values

The teaching of British Values is an integral part of our ethos and values at Dorking Nursery School where all members of our community are respected, valued and given space to express themselves.


Dorking Nursery School is inspected under Section 8. 


Nursery school places are allocated in accordance with the Nursery School's Admissions Policy which is set by Surrey County Council.

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