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Get to know our staff!

Get to know Alison Shaw

How long have you worked with children/families?

A long time! I originally qualified as a NNEB and more recently gained BA (Hons) Early Education Studies. I have worked in day nurseries, play schemes, crèches and managed my own preschool, alongside raising a family. My eldest has recently become an adult!

How long have you worked at Dorking Nursery School and Children’s Centre?

I started working as an outreach worker at the Children’s Centre in January. I originally worked 15 hours a week and have since increased my hours and have also started working in the Breakfast Club.

What made you want to work at the Nursery and Children's Centre?

I have the opportunity to play with children during stay and play sessions and breakfast club, to be involved with the Coffee and Conversation group supporting families who have English as a second language, and empowering families through outreach support and advice. My role is diverse and no two days are the same.

What makes Dorking Nursery School so very special?

The staff at Dorking Nursery and the Children Centre work as one team and are fully supportive not only of each other but are passionate about providing the best possible care and learning opportunities for all the children and their families. There is also a sense of community with other professionals, organisations, local nurseries and schools.

What do you know now which you wish you had known when you first started work?

How much I enjoy the role of Outreach. Supporting families to make positive steps towards providing good outcomes for their children and themselves is very rewarding and when outreach support is no longer required I know I have done my job correctly and it has been a pleasure to work alongside them.

What superpower do you wish you had or do you think you need to work with young children?

A photographic memory to remember and celebrate all the special ‘wow’ moments the children and their families achieve.


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